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Marijuana Abuse

marijuana habitSome people like to argue that it is impossible to abuse marijuana, however, anyone who has spent considerable time with a real pothead knows this is not the case. Your pothead friend probably spends most of the time you are with them spaced out and disengaged from conversation. They only time they chime in with any kind of attention span is when the conversation is about marijuana. They constantly offer you weed, despite you having already told them no, and would rather eat and play video games or watch movies than do just about anything else.

This behavior can grow tiring to friends and family, and leave them with no doubt in their minds that marijuana can, in fact, be abused. A closer inspection of the ways marijuana is used confirms this. It is entirely possible to use marijuana responsibly and moderate it to a respectable level. This is achieved by carefully constructing a suitable dosage for each individual based on the way that marijuana effects them. However, there are a number of things that can misinform a person about how much marijuana they need to ingest in order to achieve this harmonic balance.

First of all, marijuana has hardly been studied in medical science because of how incriminated it has been for so many years. The incorrect dosages of marijuana that people ingest are partly due to medical opinions on it being absent altogether. Secondly, being objective about the effects marijuana is having on you personally is extremely difficult. While a person is under the influence of marijuana, they are hardly thinking clearly. A person can go years without understanding how marijuana is effecting them on an immediate and on a broad level. And lastly, even when a person is becoming aware that they need to cut back on their marijuana use, their love affair with it may make them incapable of cutting back.