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Marijuana abuse is a concept that emerges from various standpoints. This is a form of abuse whereby an individual takes marijuana without any form of discretion. There are various reasons for this and they will be discussed shortly;

  • Peer Pressure: This is one of the major reasons why young people begin to smoke marijuana. And even for older adults, it still applies. Young people who hang out together are prone to abusing marijuana. This stage of transition is a vulnerable one where they can be easily influenced by the environment. So, there is a likely chance to experiment with marijuana.

This does not imply that teens use marijuana, it just means that there is a possibility that they would be influenced by their friends. Within their clique, marijuana abuse could be a normal thing. The pop culture and social media is another factor that could influence marijuana abuse, and teens are susceptible to this.

  • Harmless state: In addition, some people believe that marijuana is not harmful. People who attest to this, substantiate their claims with few research work that advocates for the use of marijuana, portraying its faux harmless state. This makes it more appealing to them than other illegal drugs like tobacco and the likes.

The long-term marijuana abuse increases the heart rate of an individual and this increases their chances of coming down with lung infections which reduces the potency of their immune system. Also, there is a tendency for paranoia and hallucination to set in.

For the short run, people who use marijuana have a tendency to experience memory loss, anxiety poor coordination, anxiety, depression and a host of others.

  • Opportunity and Availability: These are key factors that influence marijuana abuse. These days, marijuana becomes easy to access and as more countries declare its legality for recreational and medicinal purposes, it becomes effortless to use and access. And since there is always an opportunity to abuse marijuana where the level of privacy and supervision is less.


Marijuana is derived from cannabis plant. The process of usage is not really a complicated one. Primarily, it begins from a process of drying completely, then grinding it into small bits.

Then users will then decide either to use a pipe or cigarette. Some people also take marijuana as edible foods which are known to have THC also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is the major ingredient in marijuana which is responsible for the high effect. Marijuana is not legal in all countries and one of the reasons for this is its addictive qualities.

The major reason why people take marijuana is because of the accompanying high effects that comes with it. It has been medically proven that marijuana helps in relieving pain and stress. But just like opiates, it has been abused to a great extent.

People who abuse or are addicted to marijuana are often less productive than usual. They find it difficult to focus on work even if it is theirs or not. So, with time, they are forced to resign because they are not meeting up to expectations.

Moreso, marijuana has been found to disrupt the normal functioning of the brain especially when it is abuse or there is an addiction in motion.

The brain would be modified to operate in a different way because the normal wiring has been tampered with. However, if the individual stops taking marijuana, the brain would return to normal in due time.

Another effect of marijuana is impaired health. The individual would develop other medical complications. The reason for this is, marijuana lessens the effectiveness of the immune system, so the individual becomes more susceptible to diseases than before.

In addition, there is a tendency for aggressiveness to set in. The individual would react to any little issue in a hostile manner that is beyond usual.

It would also be difficult for the person to learn new things, and recollecting would also be herculean. All these and more are likely to be experienced if marijuana is used on a regular basis.