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            Marijuana is known to be a drug that anyone can be addicted to. There have been claims that the drug has no effect and cannot cause addiction to anyone who takes it but reverse is the case. Research has shown that people can develop a dependence on Marijuana because it is a psychoactive drug that alters the will power of the mind and the ability to make decisions and be sensitive. The drug contains a chemical substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (T.H.C) which is what causes the drug to have a powerful effect on anyone who takes it.


            The influence of marijuana on people varies and it depends on the extent to which is consumed. Marijuana can be taken in different ways which includes smoking, taking orally or combining with a food substance in other to reduce the effect. Also, the effect of the drug may be temporary or may last long depending on the concentrated amount of T.H.C. While there are several effects of the drug, the most common are:

  • Simulated and inauthentic feelings of happiness which is ephemeral
  • Presence of slight hallucinations and fantasies
  • Intense feeling of hunger and an increased craving for food
  • Over confidence and a reduced nervousness when performing a task or activity.

Getting intoxicated with Marijuana can cause anyone to land in the hospital requiring medical attention. People get hospitalized on cases of overdose on Marijuana and may require rehab services at extreme cases.


Getting addicted to marijuana has an effect like any other substances. It affects the brain of the addict by altering the ability of the brain to work naturally and depend on marijuana to get to a state of normalcy. It gets to a stage it would be difficult to quit especially when there is over dependence on the drug to perform normal mental functions. In addition, the risk of getting addicted also includes affecting the addict’s personal life and this can lead to several complications.

Marijuana is known to be a drug that can grant access to the use of other drugs. The tendency to try out other drugs after using marijuana is high because it makes one crave for more. It can eventually lead to taking harder drugs like cocaine. As abuse of marijuana continues of the high, it is important to know that there is a risk of getting addicted to it or something more powerful. As a result, there might be negative consequences. b����J